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How to Reset Your Password

Celeste Scott -

Follow the steps below to reset your password. To view and download a PDF version of this article, please scroll to the bottom.

Note: If you have entered your password incorrectly three (3) times, PEPFAR SharePoint will lock your account for 30 minutes; however, you will not see a prompt on the screen telling you the account has been locked. You can reset your password to resolve this issue.

Note: Your password will expire if you have not logged into PEPFAR SharePoint in 365 days; if that is the case, you can reset your password to gain access to your account again.


How to Reset Your Password

Step 1

Navigate to On the PEPFAR SharePoint Welcome Page, click on the “Forgot Password” link. The Forgot Password page will then appear.


Step 2

Enter your User Name and your e-mail address associated with your account. In most cases your User Name will be in the format LastnameFirstinitial (e.g. John Smith's User Name would be SmithJ). Click "Submit".

Note the red message that appears: You will either see a message that says your request has been confirmed, or an error asking you to re-enter your information.


Step 3

After successfully submitting your User Name and e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail like the one below. Click the link in the e-mail to be taken to the password reset screen.



Step 4

Create your new password in accordance with the Password Policy (on the left side of the page), and confirm by re-entering it. Click "Submit". If you receive a red error message, verify your password meets the requirements, then re-enter the new password twice.

Step 5

If your password is accepted, you will see the below confirmation message. Click "Here" to be taken to the PEPFAR SharePoint Welcome Page.


Step 6

Return to the PEPFAR SharePoint homepage, and click Log In/Enter Site. When prompted, enter your email and new password.




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