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What is the security banner?

Shayna Padovano -

Welcome Page – Security Banner

There is a security banner that pops up on the landing page better known as the Welcome Page. This pop-up informs the PEPFAR SharePoint user that they are entering a U.S. Government site (USG).  The user must agree to the terms of use before admittance into PEPFAR SharePoint. This pop-up screen will appear any time you navigate to PEPFAR SharePoint.



Agree to Terms of Use

This U.S. Federal Government (USG) system is to be used by authorized users only.  In order to gain access into PEPFAR SharePoint, the user will have to agree to the Terms of Use on the pop-up security banner before logging into PEPFAR SharePoint. The Terms of Use informs users that they are logging in to a Department of State system and that they may be monitored. The user must click on the “I Agree” button.


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