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What are Project Pages?

Celeste Scott -

Q: What are Project Pages and why were they created?

A: At its core, a Project Page is a PEPFAR SharePoint sub-site that is dedicated to your project.  The sites were created at users' request and utilize a similar site template that you will find on a typical HQ page within PEPFAR Sharepoint.  As such, the sites have a calendar, document libraries, announcements, and task assignment capabilities.


Q:  Do Project Pages last forever?

A: Project Page sites are intended to serve temporary projects, and are thus set to expire 14 months after creation to help maintain site performance.   Email alert(s) will be sent to the site’s Power User(s) 30 days ahead of site archival and will contain the option to renew the site for an additional 14 months.


Q: Do the user roles that I grant individuals for my site affect their permissions in other areas of PEPFAR SharePoint?

A: No. The user role and associated permissions you grant to users of your Project Page are completely independent of their permissions for other PEPFAR SharePoint pages. 


Q: What is the largest file size I can upload to my Project Page?

A: PEPFAR SharePoint enforces a 50MB file upload restriction.

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