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How to Add and Remove Site Permissions

Natasha E Madorsky -

When a team member joins your team or changes roles within your team, you will want to grant them permission to the necessary user group(s) in your team's PEPFAR SharePoint page.

While the PEPFAR SharePoint Team can assist with this task on a limited basis if Powerusers are on extended leave or the membership of the Poweruser group itself is outdated, it is the responsibility of Powerusers to maintain an accurate list of members in the various user groups for your team’s page.

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How to Add/Remove Members on your PEPFAR SharePoint Page

Step 1

On the OU page for which you’d like to edit permissions, navigate to the “Users” tab on the left of your screen.



Step 2

On this page, you will find descriptions of each of the Permission Groups, as well as lists of the page’s Members, Member-Approvers, and Powerusers, as well as HQ Collaboration Members, HQ Collaboration Global Member-Approvers, and HQ Collaboration Global Powerusers.



Step 3

Click the title of the group for which you would like to add or remove users. This will take you to a separate page that lists all members of that permissions group.


To add new user(s)

Step 1

Select “New,” then “Add Users” from the drop down menu.

On the pop-up window, enter the names of the PEPFAR SharePoint users you would like to add to that membership group. As you begin typing a name, PEPFAR SharePoint will search the Active Directory of users and allow you to select the correct user’s name.


Step 2

Once you have entered the names of all the users you seek to add, you have the option to send a welcome email to these users. You can add a personal message to this email in the comment box. If you do not wish to send a welcome email, click “Show Options” and uncheck the box next to “Send an email invitation.”


To remove existing user(s):

Navigate to the page for the membership group that you would like to remove. Mark the checkboxes next to the user(s) you’d like to remove. Then, on the “Action” drop-down menu, select “Remove Users from Group.”

Once you select this option, a pop-up window will appear to confirm that you wish to remove the specified user(s). Click “OK.”



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