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Requesting a PEPFAR SharePoint User Account

Celeste Scott -

Instruct your new team members to fill out the form below completely and it will be reviewed by the Support Team within one business day. The account should be created within 2 business days of the submission of this form. Access the electronic account request form here.

When the account is created, the new user will receive an e-mail from the Support Team instructing them how to reset their password and set up the new account. This account will give the new user "Visitor" permissions to the entire PEPFAR SharePoint site. As a Poweruser, it is your role to assist your team member in gaining access to the membership group(s) he/she may need. Consult these articles for more information:

Note: PEPFAR SharePoint accounts are typically limited to those with U.S. government e-mail addresses (ending in .gov, .mil, .wrp-n, or There are some exceptions for other personnel who work on the PEPFAR program in a variety of ways but who have different e-mail domains. These account requests can take slightly longer to process.


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