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Overview: User Roles and Permissions

Celeste Scott -

This chart displays the different PEPFAR SharePoint user roles and permissions. Review this chart to understand what ability different types of users (Visitors; Members; Member-Approvers; and Power users) have to add, edit, and organize content in PEPFAR SharePoint.

If you are a Poweruser and need to learn how to add or remove these site permissions to your team members, please consult:

PEPFAR SharePoint User Roles and Permissions

Visitors (Read-Only)

Members (Read, Contribute, Approve)

Power users (Read, Contribute, Approve, Publish, Administer)

View any content across PEPFAR that is "Approved".


Read documents in any status (Pending, Approved, Rejected)

  X X

Add and edit documents, calendar events, and other items on team sites

  X X

Delete documents, calendar events, and other items on team sites.

  X X

Change the structure of team site by adding new folders or document libraries


Manage user permissions on team site

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