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What if I Change Locations or Agencies and Still Support PEPFAR?

Celeste Scott -

Many members of the PEPFAR community may change locations (operating units), assignments within their Agency, or even change Agencies over time, but still support PEPFAR in a different way. When this occurs, the PEPFAR SharePoint Support Team recommends the following as best practices:

  • Team pages are to be maintained for current members of teams to collaborate and share information with one another. 
    • Before you leave your current assignment, tell the Powerusers of your team's page that your assignment is changing so they can remove you from the permission group(s) to which you belong.
      • If you are removed from all permission groups, you will be a "Visitor" in the PEPFAR SharePoint community.
    • When you arrive at your next assignment, connect with the Powerusers of your team's page and ask them to give you the appropriate level of permissions to your new team's page(s).
    • Review the article below to remember what roles and permissions you have when you are a Visitor, Member, Member-Approver, or Poweruser.
  • If your e-mail address or Agency affiliation changes, please contact the PEPFAR SharePoint Support Team using the "Request a New User Account" form on the support site.
    • In the "Description" field, please indicate the team you were previously part of as well as the team you are joining. Please also indicate your previous and current e-mail addresses and your previous and current Agencies.
    • In the "E-mail" field, please indicate your new e-mail address.
    • In the "Agency" field, please indicate your new Agency affiliation.
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