Adding and Removing Folders within a Document Library

Natasha E Madorsky -

As a Poweruser, you have the unique ability to make changes to the folder structure by adding or deleting
folders within document libraries in your team’s site. Members and Member-Approvers do not have this

Recommendations and Things to Know

  • You can add folders and subfolders when needed for new projects, however, it’s strongly
    recommended that you don’t change the pre-defined folder structure.
    • For example, do not rename or delete the folders in the pre-defined structure or move folders
      to different levels in the pre-defined folder hierarchy. We ask this because one of the goals of
      PEPFAR SharePoint is to have a consistent baseline folder structure across all OUs so visitors
      from other OUs can readily locate the information they need.
  • The name of the folder becomes part of the filepath (i.e., URL) for each document contained within
    that folder.
    • Keep folder and file names short!
    • Rely on the “Created By” and “Modified By” fields to tell you when your content was last edited
      rather than putting dates in your folder or file names.
    • If you change the name of the folder after you create it, this will change the URL for every file
      contained within that folder. Pay attention to this if your team circulates links to documents
      with frequency; the link will need to be updated after the folder name is changed.

Download the Adding and Removing Folders within Document Libraries guide to follow step-by-step instructions to add folders to your library.

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