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Overview: Document Approval Process

Natasha E Madorsky -

What is Document Approval on PEPFAR SharePoint?

While PEPFAR SharePoint encourages users to collaborate and share documents, it also enables Powerusers to make decisions about which content to keep private within the team, and which content can be shared with the larger PEPFAR SharePoint community.

Pending is the default status of a document immediately when it is created and uploaded to PEPFAR SharePoint. Any member of your site can access and make modifications to a document while it is in Pending status. Each time someone modifies the document and uploads it, a new Minor version is created, for example, v0.2. For documents that are intended to be kept private within a team, the item should remain in Pending status.

If a Member-Approver or Poweruser of a site decide that a document should be shared across broader PEPFAR SharePoint community, they can choose to approve it and give the document an Approved status. Once the document is Approved, all PEPFAR SharePoint site members as well as visitors will be able to see the document in the document library and download it.

This chart summarizes which types of users have the ability to see documents at the various approval statuses:


Viewing Document Status

In any document library on PEPFAR SharePoint, you can always tell the current status of a document by scrolling to the far right and looking in the "Approval Status" column, as pictured in the below screenshot:


Approving/Rejecting a Document

Only the Member-Approvers and Powerusers of a site have the ability to Approve or Reject content in Pending status. If you wish to make certain content viewable across the PEPFAR SharePoint community, contact one of the Member-Approvers or Powerusers of your site.

If you are a Poweruser and would like more information on how to approve documents, see this article:

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