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Using PEPFAR SharePoint Calendars

Natasha E Madorsky -

This article provides users with an overview of PEPFAR SharePoint's calendar feature, focusing on the following topics:

  • Adding a New Calendar Item
  • Epidemic Control Team (ECT) Page Calendars
  • Calendar Item Approval Process


Adding a New Calendar Item

Step 1

Navigate to your team page's calendar. Hover over the date for which you wish to create an event, and the "Add" button will appear in the bottom right corner:


Step 2

The "Calendar-New Item" window will appear. There are several required fields such as title and time. Other details such as location, description, and recurrence can be added. Click "Save" when finished.

If you are not a Member-Approver or Poweruser of the page, the yellow banner shown below will appear at the top of the New Item window, indicating that your event will need to be Approved by a page Member-Approver or Poweruser in order to be made viewable by all PEPFAR SharePoint users.


Step 3

Your event will now appear on your page's calendar. It will remain in Pending status (viewable only by page members) unless it is approved by a page Member-Approver or Poweruser.


Epidemic Control Team (ECT) Calendars

In addition to the standard calendar, ECT Pages I - IV also feature a unique calendar view, "Meeting Schedule," at the top of their homepages. This calendar allows members to color-code their calendar items based on the type of event, including Meeting, Holiday, TDY, Birthday, Gifts, Get-together, Business, Work Hours, TDY, AL, or Out-Other.

To create a color-coded event on an ECT Meeting Schedule, follow the same process as described above, selecting the appropriate "ECT Category" before clicking "Save:"

Color-coded events will appear in the Meeting Schedule view as depicted in the below screenshot:


Calendar Item Approval Process

While PEPFAR SharePoint encourages users to collaborate and share content and calendars, it also enables Powerusers to make decisions about which calendar items to keep private within the team, and which events can be shared with the larger PEPFAR SharePoint community.

Pending is the default status of an event immediately when it is created on a PEPFAR SharePoint page calendar. Any member of your site can access and make modifications to a calendar item while it is in Pending status.For calendar items that are intended to be kept private within a team, the item should remain in Pending status.

If a Member-Approver or Poweruser of a page decide that an event should be shared across broader PEPFAR SharePoint community, they can choose to approve it and give the calendar item an Approved status. Once the calendar item is Approved, all PEPFAR SharePoint site members as well as visitors will be able to view the event details.

This chart summarizes which types of users have the ability to view calendar items at the various approval statuses:

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