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Who are the Powerusers of my team's site?

Celeste Scott -

You might need to locate the Poweruser(s) of your site if you have questions about your user role in PEPFAR SharePoint, want to add a colleague to your team's site, or want to learn how to better use your site.

To find view the Poweruser(s) of a specific team site, follow these steps:


Step 1

Login to PEPFAR SharePoint.

Step 2

Navigate to your team's site or any other team site you'd like to learn about.

Step 3

Click on the “Users” link located on the lefthand navigation, towards the bottom. The Powerusers will be listed in the column on the right.


Step 4

If you need to e-mail the Poweruser(s), click on their name, and their profile will be displayed. This will contain their e-mail address.

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