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Who are the Powerusers of my team's site?

Celeste Scott -

This article walks you through the steps of finding your team site's Powerusers in SharePoint Online.

You might need to locate the Poweruser(s) of your site if you have questions about your user role in PEPFAR SharePoint, want to add a colleague to your team's site, or want to learn how to better use your site.

SharePoint Online:

You can navigate directly to the page by clicking this link: mceclip0.png

If you would rather find your Powerusers via the menu, the steps are as follows:

Step 1 

Go to the PEPFAR SharePoint Home page.

Step 2 

Click on “Poweruser Directory”.

Step 3 

You’ll be taken to an Excel File that has all the sites listed along with the email addresses of the power users associated with those sites.

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