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Why do I have to enter my credentials twice to open a document?

Celeste Scott -

In order to enter the PEPFAR SharePoint site, you must login by entering your PEPFAR SharePoint user name and password (credentials). This allows you to browse the site.

The first time you open a document within your team's site, you may also be asked to enter your credentials for the second time. Many users wonder whether this process known as "dual authentication" is intentional, or whether this is a bug.

The reason this occurs has to do with the use of cookies by Windows, Internet Explorer, and MS Office applications. In previous versions of Windows and Internet Explorer (Windows XP and IE6), the two applications shared a common cookie, allowing a user to enter his/her credentials one time at the login page. This cookie carried over to MS Office applications. Therefore, users only had to enter their credentials once in order to carry out all activities in PEPFAR SharePoint.

However, when the State Department upgraded all its computers to the Windows 7 operating system, the ability to share the cookie between Windows and Internet Explorer went away. This resulted in the need to enter credentials twice--once when a user logs into the site, and once when the user opens a document in an MS Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). 

This behavior is expected, and while we know it can feel laborious, the PEPFAR SharePoint team thanks you for taking this aspect of information security in stride and keeping our information secure.

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