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How to Approve Multiple Documents at Once

Celeste Scott -

Member-Approvers and Powerusers have the ability to approve multiple documents at once. Using this functionality can be an efficient way to share information across the PEPFAR SharePoint community and save time if your team needs to publish several documents during a particularly busy season.

Before reviewing the steps below to approve multiple documents at once, check your understanding of the PEPFAR SharePoint Document Approval Process with these two articles:


Step 1

Using Internet Explorer, navigate to where the documents to be approved are located. Select the checkboxes to the left of the documents' titles.

Select multiple documents.  Then, click on the Files tab in the Library Tools ribbon. Click the the "Approve/Reject Items" button on the Documents tab, as shown below.


Step 2

After clicking the "Approve/Reject Items" button, the below box will pop up. Choose the option for "Approved". Then click "OK".


Step 3

Back in your document library, you will see the selected documents are now in Approved status. This will make the documents visible to anyone in the PEPFAR SharePoint community.


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