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Actions to Take After the Upgrade

Celeste Scott -

Actions to take after the upgrade to PEPFAR SharePoint 2016 platform

  • You may need to reset your password: Most users will not need to take this step.  However, if you are unable to log in to your PEPFAR SharePoint account now that the 2016 platform is live, please reset your password. In most cases this should fix your access issue. If resetting your password does not resolve the problem, submit a ticket to our Support Team.


  • Review your access level: It is possible that some changes made to group memberships while the upgrade has been happening in the background (since late June) may not be saved when the 2016 platform goes live. If you believe you should have access to a particular site, but do not seem to have that access, check with the Power User(s) of your team's page. If you are a Power User and you have recently made changes to the user groups of your team's page, review the group membership and make updates as you desire.


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