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Guide to OU Pages

Natasha E Madorsky -

Each PEPFAR Operating Unit (OU) has its own team page on PEPFAR SharePoint. These pages allow country teams and headquarters staff across agencies to share and collaborate on documents, communicate about upcoming events and announcements, and publish content for the broader PEPFAR SharePoint community.


Anatomy of an OU Page


1) Left Navigation: The left navigation bar of OU pages allows users to access a range of tools and unique document libraries including:

  • Coordinator's Home: An area where site coordinators can organize program-wide data
  • General Documents: For storing documents of general interest to members to the site
  • HQ Collaboration: A document library for sharing important materials between PEPFAR Headquarters staff and country teams. This library has unique permissions can only be accessed by members of the OU page and certain HQ staff
  • Program Areas: A separate document library for each program area including Prevention, Care, Treatment, Systems and Governance, Cross Cutting

  • Site Contents: Displays a menu overviewing the architecture and content of the OU page, including quick links to program area document libraries. Recently deleted items (up to 30 days) can be found in the Recycle Bin at the top right of this page.


2) Announcements: The announcements section contains important announcements that are relevant to members and visitors of the OU page. The announcement view on the home page shows its title and date posted. The most recent 15 announcements will be displayed on the homepage, with the most recent on top.

3) Latest Documents: This section displays the 10 most recent documents uploaded to the site. It is automatically populated and cannot be changed manually.

4) My Tasks: This section displays recent tasks that have been created within the OU site. Tasks can be labeled with a priority category and assigned to specific page members.

5) Calendar: The PEPFAR SharePoint calendar contains dates that are important to the entire PEPFAR community. For more information on creating and approving calendar events, reference the following resources:

6) Links: This section contains links to important documents, libraries and resources within the OU page and on PEPFAR SharePoint.




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