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Guide to ECT Pages

Natasha E Madorsky -

From the PEPFAR SharePoint Home Page, Epidemic Control Team (ECT) pages can be found under the Global Navigation. There is an ECT site for each of the four current ECTs, as well as the ECT Management team. The ECT pages have a unique structure and set of features that differ from those of OU Pages, or the PEPFAR SharePoint Homepage. The guide below provides an overview of the anatomy and functionality of ECT pages:

  • Anatomy of an ECT Page
  • Spotlight: ECT Blogs
  • Spotlight: Shared Documents


Anatomy of an ECT Page

 1) Left Navigation

The left navigation bar of ECT pages allows users to easily navigate through different document libraries, calendars, features, and tools, including:

  • ECT X Home: This button allows users to quickly return to the homepage of that ECT from elsewhere on the page.
  • Shared Documents: Clicking here opens the document library containing all of the folders and documents that have been uploaded to the page.
  • Announcements: See below (Feature 3)
  • Meeting Schedule: See below (Feature 2)
  • Links: Clicking here brings users to a section of the page featuring links to important documents, libraries and resources within the OU page and on PEPFAR SharePoint.
  • Contacts: Clicking here brings users to a list that can be populated with the names, company, phone, and email address of relevant contacts.
  • Users: Clicking here allows users to learn about the permissions of various member groups, and view the page's list of Members, Member-Approvers, and Powerusers.
  • ECT X Blog: Clicking here brings users to the unique ECT blog feature, where page members can create, comment on, and categorize blog posts.

2) Meeting Schedule

In addition to the standard calendar, ECT Pages I - IV also feature a unique calendar view, "Meeting Schedule," at the top of their homepages to track the most important meetings and ECT-wide events. This calendar allows members to easily color-code calendar items based on the type of event, including Meeting, Holiday, TDY, Birthday, Gifts, Get-together, Business, Work Hours, TDY, AL, or Out-Other:

To learn more about creating color-coded events on the ECT Meeting Schedule, reference this support article:

3) Announcements

The announcements section contains important announcements that are relevant to members and visitors of the ECT page. The announcement view on the home page shows its title and date posted. The most recent 15 announcements will be displayed on the homepage, with the most recent on top.

4) Calendar

The calendar feature allows members of the ECT page to create and share calendar items with the rest of the ECT, or publicly to any PEPFAR SharePoint user visiting the ECT page. To learn more about creating and approving calendar items, consult the following support documents:


Spotlight: ECT Blogs

The blog feature is a unique element of PEPFAR SharePoint ECT pages. This feature, accessible from the left navigation bar of ECT I - IV pages, allows page members to interact virtually with other ECT members by sharing photos, videos, and links, and promoting group discussions:


Spotlight: Shared Documents

The "Shared Documents" library of each ECT page is where teams will host important materials and resources, from meeting agendas and notes, to COP guidance materials and in-person meeting reports.

The following support articles provide guidance on how to contribute to, use, and manage document libraries:



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