Creating a "View" in PEPFAR SharePoint

Natasha E Madorsky -

The following article provides guidance on creating Personal Views in PEPFAR SharePoint:

  • What is the Personal View feature?
  • Creating a New View
  • Navigating Between Views in a Document Library

What is the Personal View feature?

The Personal View feature allows PEPFAR SharePoint users to customize the way they organize and display materials in lists and libraries.

For example, you may want to view all the materials in a library in one list, rather than inside of their specified folders. Or, you may want to view all documents tagged the Fiscal Year "2017."


Creating a New View

Navigate to the document library for which you wish to create a unique view. Click on the "Library" tab on the top left of the screen, and select "Create View:"

This will open up the "View Type" page, from which you can select an "Existing View," or create a customized "Standard View."

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