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Guide to the PEPFAR SharePoint Homepage

Natasha E Madorsky -

After logging into PEPFAR SharePoint, you will be directed to the Home page. The article below provides an overview of the page's layout. The Home Page is managed by a specific group of users. If you would like something posted on the Home Page, please contact the PEPFAR SharePoint Team by submitting a ticket on the Support Site.

Anatomy of PEPFAR SharePoint's Homepage


Toolbar: The tools you see in the toolbar may vary depending on your specific user privileges. Your member name is displayed on the right, and its drop down menu contains options for changing your personal information along with a link to sign out of PEPFAR SharePoint. Additionally, depending on your permissions, you will see two icons and the words Share and Follow. Share enables you to give people access to the site and Follow enables you to Follow this site and get back to it easily.

Global Navigation: The global navigation area appears on all PEPFAR SharePoint site pages. Below the global navigation is the breadcrumb, which tells you where you are in the PEPFAR SharePoint site. This feature allows you to navigate back to a previous location you've visited, including the Home Page. To the right of the banner is the search bar which can be used for global search activities.

Welcome: The welcome/announcements section contains important announcements that are relevant to the entire PEPFAR SharePoint community. The announcement view on the home page shows its title and date posted. The most recent 15 announcements will be displayed on the homepage, with the most recent on top.

Contact Lists: This section contains documents with contact lists, organizational charts, and other staff organizational materials relevant to the entire PEPFAR SharePoint community,

Links: This section contains links to important pages, documents, and resources on PEPFAR SharePoint.

Calendar: The PEPFAR SharePoint calendar contains dates that are important to the entire PEPFAR community. For more information on creating and approving calendar events, reference the following resources:

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